Powerbucks - $1000000 Jackpot with Any Bet, Any Time. Pregressing jackpot starting at $1000000 for players wagering $3 and up.

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Available In Casino
and Online

What is Powerbucks™?

Powerbucks™ is North America’s first progressive prize pool jackpot linked through slot games available through multiple gaming channels such as Casinos of Winnipeg/Shark Club, South Beach, Aseseskak, 33 BC Casinos, Quebec Casinos, online and mobile at PlayNow.com in B.C and Manitoba and now Red Shores Racetrack & Casino Charlottetown. Players in British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec and PEI can play for the Powerbucks jackpot through the Artic Gems and/or Powerhits slot game themes or online where offered.

Powerbucks™ offers North America’s first converged jackpot, with a static $1 Million jackpot for any player betting $0.50 to $2.99, and a progressive jackpot starting at $1 Million plus for players wagering $3 or more.

Players in Manitoba can play slot games with the Powerbucks™ jackpot at Casinos of Winnipeg/SharkClub and online at PlayNow.com from their computers and mobile devices.

Players that place bets from $0.50 to $2.99 qualify to win smaller prizes and the static $1 Million jackpot.

Players that wager a minimum $3 bet qualify to win the progressive jackpot starting at $1 Million and up.

As players increase their average bet, they can unlock different bonus games. The odds to win per credit remain the same but each bonus game plays differently, presenting a potential for more ways to win.