Point Play

Earn. Convert. Play.

Club Card members can convert Player Points to Free Play credits instantly at any slot machine!*

500 points = $5 Free Play*
1,000 points = $10 Free Play*
2,500 points = $25 Free Play
5,000 points = $50 Free Play*
10,000 points = $100 Free Play*

 *For use on select electronic gaming machines only.

How do I use Point Play?

1. Insert your Club Card.
2. Press MENU.
3. Press POINT PLAY.
4. Enter your 4-digit PIN and press ENTER.
5. Select the amount of Free Play desired.
6. Press ENTER to confirm your Player Point to Free Play conversion.
7. Your Free Play balance will be shown on the screen.
8. Insert cash credits equal to or greater than your wager per spin. Cash credits can be cashed out once Free Play is used.
9. Begin playing!

What is the minimum amount of Player Points needed
to convert to Free Play? 
A minimum of 500 Player Points are needed to convert $5 of Free Play.

How do I reset my PIN? See the Players Club to reset your PIN. Valid ID is required to reset your PIN. Do not keep your PIN with your Club Card.

What is the maximum daily limit of Free Play that I can convert to? Club Card members may convert up to $100 of Free Play per day.

Visit the Players Club for more information
on how to use Point Play.

Point Play Frequently Asked Questions and Answers