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How to Play Blackjack



Narrator: How to play Blackjack on Stadium Gaming. First, select Blackjack from the game options.

[Person sits down at stadium gaming terminal. Stadium gaming terminal with game options on screen, person selects Blackjack.]

Narrator: The object of the game is to get a card total higher than the dealer without going over twenty-one. You play against the dealer, not the other players. Cards between two and ten are counted at face value. Jacks, Queens, and Kings have a value of ten. Aces can be counted as one or eleven, whichever is best to your hand. An ace with a ten-value card on your first two cards is called a blackjack which beats all other hands except for another blackjack. See game information for any side wager options available. Place bets by choosing the chip with desired value and then press “BET HERE” or simply drag and drop the chip to the table

[Place bets options are shown on screen and the model uses the drag & drop feature to place a bet.]

Narrator: If the dealer’s first card is an Ace, players have the option to buy insurance.

[model shown clicking yes on the insurance pop up screen]

Narrator: Players have the option to hit, stand, double or split two same value cards when it’s their turn.

[model shown selecting split from option menu]

Narrator: The screen always shows the available balance of credit and cumulative value of the player’s bet.

[screen zooms to top left corner to show balance location.]

Narrator: Cancel your last bet by pressing “CLEAR LAST BET”. If more than one bet has been placed, you can cancel all bets by pressing “CLEAR ALL BETS”.

[Shows model pressing CLEAR ALL BETS button]

Narrator: Press “REPEAT LAST BET” after the end of the game to repeat your bet from the previous game. Press and hold for three seconds to enable “AUTO REPEAT BET”. To cancel this function, simply press the button again.

Thanks for watching!

[on screen shows: Casinos of Winnipeg logo, Stadium Gaming logo, 18+ Enjoy Responsibly)