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How to Play Craps



Narrator: How to play Craps on Stadium Gaming. First, select Craps from the game options.

[Person sits down at stadium gaming terminal. Stadium gaming terminal with game options on screen, person selects Craps.]

Narrator: A wide variety of bets can be made on each roll of the dice. Simply select the bets by touching each separate bet on the screen. The screen always shows the available balance of credit and cumulative value of the player’s bet.

[screen zooms to top left corner to show balance location.]

Narrator: You can have the terminal calculate the odds for each placed bet.

Narrator: When the player’s time to place bets is up, the generator begins to shake the dice.

[text on screen reads “the terminal automatically pays all wins”]

Narrator: Thanks for watching!

[on screen shows: Casinos of Winnipeg logo, Stadium Gaming logo, 18+ Enjoy Responsibly]