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How to Play Roulette



Narrator: How to play Roulette on Stadium Gaming.

First, select Roulette from the game options.

[Person sits down at stadium gaming terminal. Stadium gaming terminal with game options on screen, person selects Roulette.]

Narrator: Next, select either wheel view or table view. The roulette wheel is marked with numbers one through thirty-six, zero, and double zero. Numbers are alternately colored red and black while the zeros are green. Place your bets by selecting the desired bet denomination from the chip set and either touch any bet position on the field or simply drag and drop the chip to the bet position.

[Place bets options are shown on screen and the model uses the drag & drop feature to place a bet.]

Narrator: The screen always shows the available balance of credit and cumulative value of the player’s bet.

[screen zooms to top left corner to show balance location.]

Narrator: You may press the possible winnings button to have the terminal simultaneously calculate the potential winnings for the placed bet.

[screen shows possible winnings button and calculations]

Narrator: Thanks for watching!

[on screen shows: Casinos of Winnipeg logo, Stadium Gaming logo, 18+ Enjoy Responsibly]