Bad Beat Jackpot - $10,500

As of August 17, 2018

On July 2 the Bad Beat Jackpot was awarded for a total of $159,500.

Bad Beat Poker Progressive Jackpot

The jackpot will only be eligible on Texas Hold’Em games. Rake structure will be adjusted to cover the jackpot contribution. Casinos of Winnipeg will be seeding the jackpot at $5000 to start, and each gaming day will contribute $500 to the Bad Beat jackpot. Dealers will be taking a $6 rake ($5 max as per usual + $1 for the bad beat), on all pots that exceed $20 dollars. The jackpot can be won in either location and in the event of a win the Bad Beat will be reset at $5000.

The following will be the qualifying criteria of winning the Bad Beat jackpot:

  • A “Bad Beat” hand must be a minimum for 4 of a kind and must be beaten by one of the higher-ranking hands that win the pot.
  • The pot must equal to or greater than $20
  • Minimum of four players are dealt in at the start of the hand
  • Both the winning and “Bad Beat” hands must use both hole cards to create the highest possible hand, cards read
  • The round must go to a river card showdown with all the betting complete and the winning and “Bad Beat” hands revealed

Once the win is confirmed, the posted bad beat amount will be awarded as follows:

  • 50% awarded to the player with the Bad Beat qualifying hand
  • 25% awarded to the player with the winning qualifying hand
  • 25% divided equally among the players at the table who received cards at the beginning of the hand

All winners will be required to produce Government photo ID without exception.